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If you really want to keep a level head when things go wrong, and learn to deal with problems rationally and thoughtfully, you just need to keep a few tips handy.
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A Survival Checklist for Unexpected Complications

Those who push the hardest are most prone to burning out. The more we work, the more we get into this semi-automatic mindset. The more difficult life gets, the less likely you achieving your goals may seem, the more you should slow down. The most important thing is figuring out what you should be doing instead. Some people, for purposes of feeding their egos, they want all their ideas to come directly from them and not the mind of another. This is stupid. Most of those thinking this way never get a chance to feed those egos anyway because they never come up with something good.

Your idea may be the best one. Your opinion may be the right one.

Why do things go wrong all at once | 2KnowMySelf

Nevertheless, getting another perspective can only help. Even bad ideas have known to spark amazing ones. The best way to avoid hating your life is to remind yourself that you have a good life. When things go wrong, life gets a little bit darker.

2. It might feel like it, but it’s not the end of the world

No matter who you are, there is always — and I mean always — something to be happy about. Choose to be and stay optimistic. Focus on your good qualities and give yourself a pat on the back. Have faith in yourself. See problems as challenges and opportunities. Say "I can" more often that "I can't" Choose positive-thinking friends. Learn to master your thoughts. Think of similar difficulties that resulted in a positive outcome. Think of other times when you have experienced a similar difficulty that resulted in a positive outcome.

Ask yourself what you did then that made that difficult situation turn OK for you.

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What specific things did you say or do to successfully overcome the same obstacle that you are facing again today? Remember your previous solution. There is always a way out of a difficult situation, and you always have options, even if you do not know what they are when things suddenly go wrong.

2. They are realistic optimists

Take some time to sit down, relax, and brainstorm for possible solutions. This will help you feel less trapped, stuck, or overwhelmed; these are what most of us feel when we start to believe that we do not have options to remedy our problems in life. Reducing these common emotional responses will help you to think more clearly and choose a solution! Choose a solution.

What NOT to Do When Things Go Wrong

After you have brainstormed for exploring various remedies for your problem, choose one solution. Keep in mind that you are one step closer to resolving your difficult situation.

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Take action. Be proactive and actualize your solution. By actually doing something about your problem instead of staying stuck in the disappointment, fear, or overwhelming mindset of your problem, you will begin to feel more hopeful and optimistic about your solution! Focus on the solution instead of the problem.

In addition, they are grateful for what they have achieved and will concentrate on their successes. If successful people fail, it means that they were prepared to: Advertising. When and if they fail, they are able to sit down and assess calmly what went wrong. He was able to adapt and try again with Microsoft and we all know how successful that is.

It is interesting to note that Churchill was defeated in many elections until he finally became Prime Minister at the age of 62! I have lost almost games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan kept at it and made sure that he perfected his technique.

You can do the same by assessing your skills set and see how they can be improved. Or maybe you need to spend more time on networking and building relationships. Is there a way you can take the initiative the next time?

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Many entrepreneurs were able to crawl out from the ruins of failure and start again. But some were wise enough to seek advice from friends or mentors. Obviously these have to be the kind of people you would trust your life with. They are also upbeat, confident, and can boost your morale. Those who make it to the top also know how to get help from their networks and connections, when they want to start over after failure or setbacks. Thomas Edison failed over 6, times when inventing the light bulb. The courage to go on is essential.

All successful businessmen, inventors and politicians have one thing in common. They never quit. They are the ones who know how to invest in what remains after failure, so that they are always growing.

10 things successful leaders remember when things go wrong

Very often, entrepreneurs are slow to admit their failure and make things worse by trying to back pedal and recoup losses. The secret is to know when to let go if you have failed, sit back, slow down, and regroup. They went ahead and did it. If you think that the difference between failure and success is just a matter of luck, think again! Co-Founder inlpcenter, which offers NLP training and life coach certification to students in over 70 countries. Beliefs are like road signs that point you in the right direction. Without beliefs to guide, it would be impossible to know how to act.

The right direction is always the one that supports the belief. Personal beliefs are chronic self-fulfilling prophecies. The above list and similar conclusions are destinations, not directives. It will also be helpful to find the unconscious road signs that guide you toward your destination throughout the day.