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Seuss, This book has withstood the test of time for a reason. With its catchy rhymes and nonsensical artwork, this ABC book is irresistible. This amusing board book is as fun to read aloud as it is to listen to. Its inclusion of capital and lower-case letters also gives children a nice exposure to both. This unique board book has die-cut holes that create the shape of a showcased letter providing a sensory experience for children as they trace each line and curve. The cut-outs also allow readers to peek into the next page encouraging them to guess what object or animal the letter stands for.

Bright colors and interactive illustrations make this book a winner! Oops Pounce Quick Run!

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Full of action and fun, children just love this energetic ABC book. Each page features a letter with a corresponding word that describes an epic chase between a dog and a mouse. The words appear big and bold with the appropriate letter highlighted in a bright color. There is a reason this classic alphabet book is still read in preschools today. The story focuses on lowercase letters that climb a coconut tree.

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When they all reach the top, however, they are too heavy and fall into a pile. Silly, fun, and perfect inspiration for extension activities, this book is a must-have. Great for reading alone or pairing together, parents will love the advanced vocabulary weaved into the text and children will love the whimsical illustrations starring the busy peas performing tons of eye-catching tasks. There is also hidden ladybug on each page that adds to the fun.

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The name of each food is printed in uppercase and lowercase letters allowing children to view both. Children will love pointing out their favorite foods and learning about new ones. Stunning photographs of animals paired with the alphabet create a captivating educational ABC book. Each upper and lowercase letter is presented with a teasing picture of an animal. The next page reveals a full-bodied photograph of the creature with its name. Children will be clamoring to learn more about these fascinating beasts. Luckily, there is a glossary at the end that has additional fun facts about each animal.

This striking book is perfect for sharing with a group of children or admiring the interesting details of each animal while snuggling one-on-one. After a number of years searching the Florida coast, Leslie McGuirk discovered twenty-six rocks that resemble the alphabet. She cleverly combined them with rocks that look like other objects to create a truly fascinating and educational ABC book. It is not only perfect for teaching letters, but an excellent way to encourage children to use their imaginations and collect their own pieces of nature that resemble objects, letters, or numbers.

What better way to get kids excited about the alphabet than using superheroes to introduce them? With each letter, a new superhero is presented with alliterative descriptions of his or her powers. The characters are diverse and the large appealing illustrations make this a popular read aloud.

In this ingenious ABC book, readers are challenged to put their phonemic skills to the test as they follow along on a humorous adventure. The story focuses on a little red cat who is chased by a myriad of animals through the alphabet.

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Using only the showcased upper and lowercase letters as text, children have to use the sound of the highlighted letter to identify the animal or object on each page. With its comical illustrations and zany storyline, this book is original, educational, and most of all a lot of fun.

Zelinsky, The high-energy illustrations combined with a unique storyline make this ABC book an entertaining read-aloud that stands apart from the rest. Since the alphabet becomes jumbled, however, it is best read to children who are already familiar with their letters.

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She hopes her reviews will help parents and teachers find the best books for the children in their lives. A guest contributor of hands on : as we grow. Perfect for ages Works with all LeapStart systems. Sold separately.

With this leapstart book, kids explore 14 key alphabet and music skills, including identifying uppercase and lowercase letters, understanding letter sounds, recognizing words with the same beginning sound and more. With the leapstart system, every page talks, sings and jokes with exciting audio interactions that bring learning to life. Activities are designed around fun, friendly characters with vibrant visuals and surprising sounds. Use a rhyming machine to find matching pairs.

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Tap leap, lily and tad to play the alphabet song in different musical styles. Works with all LeapStart Systems. Does the book include a full alphabet of tracing letters with the pen? I'm looking for one to help with writing skills. Hello there, I can confirm that letters from A through to Z are included, I hope thid helps.

Hi Sarah, The books will read with phonics. Hope this helps! Hi, This will work on the leapstart 3d but will play audio only, not animations as this book is not 3D. The responses from Argos colleagues are accurate at the time of publishing. For the latest info, you should check the product page. Same Day Delivery Order by 6pm. Terms apply.

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