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This website is made for those of you who are in the early stages of pursuing your interest in skateboarding! It is intended to teach you the very basics of.
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To push safely keep your front foot near the front truck bolts and pointing forward, plant your back foot on the floor and push your body forward, you should start rolling faster.

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One very important aspect of the basics of skateboarding is a simple one - knowing how to stop! There are two ways we recommend for beginners, first of all you can stop by putting one foot on the floor, in the same manner as you did for pushing.

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The other is to put most of your weight over the back kick-tail, scraping the board on the floor, bringing you to a stand still. The final step in the basics of skateboarding is learning some tricks. For a great starter trick try learning to 'manual'. This trick is really simple and a great way to start but if you can learn to hold it you can later integrate the more advanced tricks you learn for combinations. To 'manual' put pressure on the back kick-tail of your board until the front lifts off the ground and you are riding on only two wheels.

Sounds simple but the tricky part is trying to hold the manual for as long as possible whilst moving without touching the back of your board down. Search Register Login here.


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Charities Our Partner Charities. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. First of all, it is OK to be a beginner, not a shame, but these tips will help you to avoid people laughing at you. First, you got to find an appropriate one for you. There are lots of types and size and also the price you need.

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There is even a beginner skateboard that will cost you between 50 dollars. Put on a show made for this kind of action to easily move and grip the board with your feet. There are skate shoes sold out there such as Vans, Osiris. All parts come in a variety of specifications, including shape, size, softness, and flex.

What Is The Best Skateboard Beginners Can Rely On?

As each specification is geared toward a specific purpose, you should take advantage if you can of the option to customize your own setup in accordance with how it is you want to skate. You can ask someone working at a skate shop for help, or you can set your skateboard up yourself. Here are some links to the information you should have to help you choose your own preferred type of setup The final SETUP link will show you how you connect each gears to make skateboard!

Before you get to it, you should learn some basic motions and practice them for your safety. It is very dangerous to ride a skateboard without knowing how to do so.

So please, read the article below and get ready to enjoy your first ride! Obviously this part is similar with parts of the link that are available above, but you will need to learn how to push repeatedly and while in motion to achieve higher and higher levels of speed.


In the previous section you practiced a single push. This time, practice as many pushes as the space you have in front of you will allow. Navigating gentle downward slopes helps to improve your skills and is really quite fun.