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This kinda smells pooy [9]. This is why I'm a deletionist. African American Obama is not an African American. Kenya is in Africa, because Africa is a continent, but America is not a continent, so for the sake of consistency and logic if one were to persist with using the word African, it would be African-North American. Otherwise Kenyan American us the correct term.

I doubt this will get changed though, people in the US just assume that if you're black you're a negro and an African American. You can call a spade anything you want, it is still a spade —Preceding unsigned comment added by I know that this subject was discussed "ad nauseam" but I can't help noticing that calling Obama an "African American", in spite of his mixed European and African roots, is analogous to applying infamous Nuremberg Laws to people of mixed Jewish and Aryan descent.

Somehow it implies that "bad" African blood prevails over his "good" white half. Tsf talk , 4 November UTC. Excuse me for asking a simple question, but if his mother was white, how and why would we label him as 'black?

You are not trying to insult me are you? While this is, of course, another junk thread, it is hilarious to me that there are people who would argue with a straight face that a man with an African father and an American mother would not be "African-American". African-American, American, or Mullato Mr. He does have ancestral ties to Africa, but, it is my opinion that an African-American is an individual born in Africa, whom has become an American Citizen.

To be absolutely truthful, Mr. Obama is of "white" caucasian and black decent. Correct mention as to the making of history should not claim "the first African-American or Black individual ". He is a mixture of Black and White. CNN projects that Sen. Barack Obama has won election as the next president of the United States. I have updated his BLP. Technically speaking, as of today he is the presumptive president-elect, not yet the president, nor even the president-elect. Anyone remember the U. Constitution and it's requirements that the Electoral College vote in Washinton, D. Isn't he only half black?

Hugo Chavez is of African descent partially. Certainly there have been others as well of partial African ancestry. Anyways, the answer is that he is not the first such to be elected. I will have to agree with Evilgohan2 to call Barak Obama only an African American is politically incorrect and does nothing but support the negative affects of the One Drop Rule which has affected most people of African American descent at one level or another. This is the 21st centuary and because Barak has some brown in his complexion people only want to call him black.

It needs to end. I'm a very proud American that voted for Barak but I completely disagree with him being called only African American it's misleading and biased.

Mcelite talk , 6 November UTC. Therefore his bloodline consists of two different races.

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So it so freakin simple that it's biased that his African heritage would override his European bloodline. Neither is more important than the other. Like I said this is a classic example of the One Drop Rule at work. Even I will say it was smart for him to campaign as an African American rather than bi-racial which he is. Person of African Descent I don't think this is an appropriate term, since all humans are of African descent. He shoud be called the first African American elected President. Cadwaladr talk , 5 November UTC.

African-American Objectively speaking, Obama is of mixed race.

Born To Run The Numbers: October

I don't have a problem with the article pointing this out, and quoting some reference showing that Obama self-identifies as AA. The objective statement will still be that he is the first president of mixed race , while any identification of Obama as "AA" will need some qualification and reference. I am sure we can do this. I am not saying he "isn't" AA, I am just calling for a properly referenced statement. I have also been told that, not surprisingly, this has come up before. Well, if ithas, the thnig to do would be to put the best reference that came up into the article.

If the point remains completely unreferenced, it will just come up again and again.

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You are implying that I do not understand the issue. I do, and I have looked at the African-American article. But even if I was completely clueles, this wouldn't make go away the fact that the article lacks a proper reference caregorizing Obama as "AA". So you think this is self-evident to anyone at all familiar with US society?

The very paragraph you just pointed me to has.

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This means that, yes, in the 19th century, and even before , Obama would doubtlessly have been considered black. But this is Try using google.

The official US statistics as of has. Can we agree that he is not of "Afrcan-American descent"? This keeps showing up in the article, and is clearly misuse of the term African-American, as none of his parents, grandparents, etc were African-American. I searched through the archives, but I couldn't find this issue mentioned.

Austin talk , 5 November UTC. I don't want to get caught up in any controversy, and I know feelings are running high at the moment, I just thought I might throw my 2 cents in as it were. Recently an editor changed the opening para from "Obama is the first non white American politician to be elected President of the United States" to "Obama is the first black American politician to be elected President of the United States".

It's an understandable change, but I just thought there's another side to it. By changing the word to black, the sentence is about Obama. Originally ie. Obama is indeed the first black elected president, but more than that he is also the first non white. Non white covers all other races Oriental, Indian, Latino etc Black only seperates I don't wish to get caught in any racism controversy, and I apologise if any terms I've used are non pc I appreciate most users on this page might be American whilst I'm from the 51st state, and terminology might be a little different , it just seemed to me that in this instance 'non white' was more descriptive because of the history of the presidency.

It does state that Obama is African American in the next line, so it shouldn't cause any confusion.

Political positions of Paul Ryan

Unless of course there has been another non white president but I didn't believe there was Congratulations on a brilliant article and on the election, regards Psychostevouk talk , 5 November UTC. The article subject is Barack Obama, not the history of the U. I realize that technically he is the first non-white president-elect, but we aren't here to make the point about this fact, we are here to retell the information as the vast amount of reliable sourcing presents it, which is that he is black or African American.

Stating that he is non-white before stating that he is black is systemic bias , and to be avoided.

Obama salutes Afghanistan war hero in State of the Union

It would be the same bias if Obama was female, and we wrote "first non-male to be elected". My two cents on ethnicity Now that I've consolidated all of the current and recently archived discussions of race and ethnicity in one place I have a few observations:. Why is Barack Obama described as African-American in this article and practically everywhere else when he actually is biracial? Obama is routinely describled as "African-American" in the article, but is there actually any valid source for this, or a self-identification as such by Barack?

Why Democrats Would Lose the Second Civil War, Too

His mother, I believe, is white and his father is Kenyan. Wouldn't that make him multi-racial? I'm not American, and I fully supported Barack, I just simply don't see the legitimacy in calling him "African-American" when he really isn't. These are all great points! Please change this article following everyone's advice immediately before more people are influenced by this incorrect statment. In a moderate way I would say that you can legitimately call Barak Obama "An american of african descent" because his father was, as stated in the article, from Kenya. However, he himself is bi-racial. This IS an encyclopedia, and if you will make reference to his heritage, it should be stated clearly.

Its not like this makes him anyless better you can't say whos gonna run amercia just cause of there skin or its simpler to yours they have to be good at there job sarah plain springs to mind and he is, so he doesn't need to use his colour to gain votes most that voted for him was white or of white descent.

Veggiegirl talk , 7 November UTC. My "race shouldn't matter"-meter is demanding that not only should he be listed as the first African-American president, but as the eleventh Irish-American president. As a fellow biracial American, surely he would understand the general attitude that both sides of the family makes a contribution to a person Is Obama the first democratically elected national leader of African i.