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Jonathan Franzen es un revolucionario de la ficción. Ha puesto de acuerdo a la crítica más exigente, al público y hasta al presidente Obama. Su nuevo libro.
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Recent evidence suggests that development of dune blowouts along Padre Island National Seashore, Texas, and migration of the parabolic dunes to the backbarrier shoreline are the primary mechanisms by which the island transgresses in response to relative sea level rise.

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This study characterizes the development and migration of dune blowouts at decadal and century scales in order to understand these changes. An initial breach, caused by the removal of vegetation, develops along the dune line allowing sediment to be funneled into the dune field. The entrance of the blowout focuses the wind velocity, allowing sediment to be transported into the dune field, covering any vegetation that is present.

This process continues as sediment is eroded from the foredune increasing the size of the blowout until the foredune is rebuilt and vegetation stabilizes the entrance. With the front stabilized, the blowout begins its movement across the island.

Steven Levitt

Aerial photographs, LIDAR data, ground penetrating radar, and optically stimulated luminescence were used to track and date the migration of these blowouts. Photographs and satellite images, taken at least twice a decade since the s, were used to track blowouts from their initial conception to their final stabilization by vegetation. Each consecutive blowout was digitized to understand the surface characteristics of the feature.

For a greater understanding of the system at the decadal scale, LIDAR data collected by the USGS and other agencies was used to create an elevation model in order compute the volumetric changes within the northern portion of the National Seashore.

Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Ungulates in Latin America | SpringerLink

Within the larger study area, three smaller sites: a young blowout that had just begun to close as the foredune is reestablished, a "middle age" blowout that was detached from the foredune and become an active dune field, and a former blowout now stabilized by vegetation, were selected for geophysical analysis.

A Trimble GX 3-D scanner was used to determine the. Hurtado, G. Design A participatory randomized controlled trial including Latino families. Parents and youth of intervention families engaged in family skill-building sessions. Outcomes Participants completed baseline and six month post-intervention surveys assessing smoking susceptibility and contextual factors. Results While the intervention did not affect smoking susceptibility overall, it resulted in lower smoking susceptibility among youth in families with less adherence to traditional Latino cultural values.

Conclusions Family cultural orientation is a key consideration for tobacco prevention interventions focused on Latino youth. We conducted a participatory randomized controlled trial including Latino families. Parents and youth in the intervention condition engaged in eight family skill building sessions.

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Participants completed baseline and 6-month postintervention surveys assessing smoking susceptibility and contextual factors. While the intervention did not affect smoking susceptibility overall, it resulted in lower smoking susceptibility among youth in families with less adherence to traditional Latino cultural values. This family cultural orientation is a key consideration for tobacco prevention interventions focused on Latino youth. Water quality of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint and Ocmulgee river basins related to flooding from Tropical Storm Alberto ; pesticides in urban and agricultural watersheds, and nitrate and pesticides in ground water, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

During the period July , , heavy rainfall from tropical storm Alberto caused record flooding on the Ocmulgee and Flint Rivers and several of their tributaries. Much of the nitrogen load transported during the flooding was as organic nitrogen generally derived from organic detritus, rather than nitrate derived from other sources, such as fertilizer. More than half the mean annual loads of total phosphorus and organic nitrogen were trans- ported in the Flint and Ocmulgee Rivers during the flood. Fourteen herbicides, five insecticides, and one fungicide were detected in floodwaters of the Ocmulgee, Flint, and Apalachicola Rivers.

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In a second study, water samples were collected at nearly weekly intervals from March through April from one urban and two agricultural watersheds in the ACF River basin, and analyzed for 84 commonly used pesticides. More pesticides were detected and at generally higher concentrations in water from the urban watershed than the agricultural water- sheds, and a greater number of pesticides were persistent throughout much of the year in the urban watershed.

Simazine exceeded U. Environmental Protection Agency EPA drinking-water standards in one of 57 samples from the urban watershed. In a third study, 38 wells were installed in surficial aquifers adjacent to and downgradient of farm fields within agricultural areas in the southern ACF River basin.

Even though regional aquifers are generally used for irrigation and domestic- and public-water supplies, degradation of water quality in the surficial aquifers serves as an early warning of potential contamination of regional aquifers. Spatial and temporal dune accretion along the barrier island of South Padre Island SPI ,Texas was examined using a combination of field measurements and lidar elevation data. A statistical model was then used to investigate controls on foredune accretion. Dune volume change was estimated from cross-shore profile measurements acquired during the summer of , spring of , and fall of For summer to spring , dune volume change ranged from to The onshore potential drift for the same time period was estimated to be 6.

In comparison, volume change ranged from The estimated onshore drift was much higher at The high drift potential associated with the spring and summer months is attributed to the predominant wind direction and the occurrence of tropical storms. Dune volume change was also observed on a longer time scale using lidar DEMs for the years , , and From to , most natural dunes experienced accretion with a mean of Overall, the mean volume change from to was Onshore drift for to was estimated to be In contrast, onshore drift for to was estimated to be The discrepancy between the modeled and observe value is partly due to dune volume loss from storm surge erosion.

In addition, there was a significant increase in onshore drift potential from to Stepwise backward regression was used to find significant. Strong and sustained community-university partnerships are necessary for community-based participatory translational research.

Little attention has been paid to understanding the trajectory of research partnerships from a developmental perspective. To propose a framework describing partnership development and maturation based on Erikson's eight stages of psychosocial development and describe how our collaboration is moving through those stages. Each stage is characterized by broad developmental partnership tasks. Conflict or tension within the partnership is often a part of achieving the associated tasks.

The strengths developed at each stage prepare the partnership for challenges associated with subsequent stages. This framework could provide a means for partnerships to reflect on their strengths and challenges at a given time point, and to help understand why some partnerships fail whereas others achieve maturity. A seismic stratigraphy and structural study was undertaken to explain the Miocene tectonic and sedimentary evolution of the North and South Padre Island and OCS areas offshore south Texas.

Three linear, elongated growth-fault systems, trending northeast-southwest, occurred in this area: Clemente-Tomas, Corsair, and Wanda. The Clemente-Tomas and the Corsair systems were controlled by late Oligocene-early Miocene overpressured shale uplifted by an influx of clastic sediments. Salt withdrawal helped expand the Corsair fault during the late Oligocene-early Miocene, whereas salt withdrawal formed the Wanda fault system. Nine salt structures eight diapirs and one sheet , active throughout the Miocene, occurred beneath the present-day shelf edge and in the South Padre Island East Addition.

Two types of overpressured shale overpressured shale ridges and overpressured stratified shale are present. Seven major depocenters: four controlled by fault expansion and sediment influx, and three by sediment influx and salt withdrawal. The depocenters caused by fault expansion propagate to the northeast, whereas those related to salt withdrawal remain in the same location.

Sedimentation in the depocenters was active during the early to middle Miocene. Three sediment fairways, entering the study area from the southwest, west, and northwest, appear to connect the sediment depocenters controlled by salt withdrawal and fault expansion. All sediment fairways propagated first to depocenters associated with salt withdrawal and then to upper slope areas. Lower Miocene time-structure maps of the area show ragged structural relief caused by sedimentation and shale and salt uplifts. Using well-log, seismic reflection, and paleontologic data to support the seismic stratigraphy, five cross-sections were constructed.


Large-scale sedimentation occurred at the regressive sea level during the Oligocene beneath the present-day shoreline, forcing the uplift of predeposited marine sediments shale. Shukla, Sonali P. Here we use a general circulation model to examine the global-scale effects that result from imposing warm tropical sea surface temperature SST anomalies in both modern and Pliocene simulations. Factors affecting fuel break effectiveness in the control of large fires on the Los Padres National Forest, California.

As wildfires have increased in frequency and extent, so have the number of homes developed in the wildland-urban interface. In California, the predominant approach to mitigating fire risk is construction of fuel breaks, but there has been little empirical study of their role in controlling large fires. We constructed a spatial database of fuel breaks on the Los Padres National Forest in southern California to better understand characteristics of fuel breaks that affect the behaviour of large fires and to map where fires and fuel breaks most commonly intersect.

We evaluated whether fires stopped or crossed over fuel breaks over a year period and compared the outcomes with physical characteristics of the sites, weather and firefighting activities during the fire event. Many fuel breaks never intersected fires, but others intersected several, primarily in historically fire-prone areas. Firefighter access to treatments, smaller fires and longer fuel breaks were significant direct influences, and younger vegetation and fuel break maintenance indirectly improved the outcome by facilitating firefighter access.

This study illustrates the importance of strategic location of fuel breaks because they have been most effective where they provided access for firefighting activities. Integrating social marketing into sustainable resource management at Padre Island National Seashore: an attitude-based segmentation approach.

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  • High demand for outdoor recreation and increasing diversity in outdoor recreation participants have imposed a great challenge on the National Park Service NPS , which is tasked with the mission to provide open access for quality outdoor recreation and maintain the ecological integrity of the park system. In addition to management practices of education and restrictions, building a sense of natural resource stewardship among visitors may also facilitate the NPS ability to react to this challenge.

    The purpose of our study is to suggest a segmentation approach that is built on the social marketing framework and aimed at influencing visitor behaviors to support conservation. Attitude toward natural resource management, an indicator of natural resource stewardship, is used as the basis for segmenting park visitors.

    Results of the K-means cluster analysis identify three visitor segments: Conservation-Oriented, Development-Oriented, and Status Quo visitors. This segmentation solution is verified using respondents' socio-demographic backgrounds, use patterns, experience preferences, and attitudes toward a proposed regulation. Suggestions are provided to better target the three visitor segments and facilitate a sense of natural resource stewardship among them. Indoor air pollution, is the main cause of population exposure to polluting agents. To establish an environmental profile of indoor contamination emission sources in families of children under 5 years that assist to kindergartens in Temuco and Padre Las Casas.